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Chi Nei Tsang is a gentle but profound treatment form derived from Taoism, focusing on the internal organs in the abdominal area and the respiratory space. It is an ancient technique that serves, among other things, detoxification, digestion promotion, and the release of emotional baggage.

In many cultures our abdomen is considered our energy center and is even referred to as our second brain. It is where our digestion takes place, and its smooth functioning is crucial for our overall well-being. When something weighs heavily on our stomach, we do not feel well.


This is where Chi Nei Tsang comes into play. It releases blockages, tensions, and unhealthy processes, thereby enhancing the performance of our organs and assisting the body in getting back into the correct energy flow.

When is a Chi Nei Tsang treatment suitable?

Chi Nei Tsang is, of course, suitable for anything related to our abdomen. If you are suffering from digestive disorders, bloating, intolerances, menstrual discomfort, etc., Chi Nei Tsang can provide relief.


It can also be very helpful for respiratory problems.

If you are experiencing stress or unpleasant emotions that affect your stomach, Chi Nei Tsang can help you relax and create inner balance.

The beautiful aspect of Chi Nei Tsang is that it allows you to connect with yourself and your center. In modern times, the abdomen is burdened with so many stigmas, feelings of shame, and unrealistic expectations. Through Chi Nei Tsang, you can develop a healthy and natural body awareness, learn to feel and love your own belly again.

A Chi Nei Tsang treatment helps with:

  • Supporting and promoting detoxification

  • Aiding digestion

  • Improving breathing

  • Activating self-healing powers

  • Alleviating menstrual discomfort

  • Boosting and harmonizing Chi (energy flow)

  • Reducing bloating

  • Relieving back pain

  • Enhancing a better connection and perception of one's body

  • Promoting emotional balance

  • Cultivating self-love and self-acceptance

How does a Chi Nei Tsang treatment proceed?

We start the session with a brief initial conversation, so I can understand how you are feeling and learn about the issues or complaints you currently have. This information allows me to tailor the treatment accordingly.

The Chi Nei Tsang treatment takes place with you lying on your back. You are fully clothed, except for the abdominal area. I apply some oil and stimulate your organs, fascia in the abdominal area, and lungs through gentle touches.

Chi Nei Tsang is a very mindful method, and during the treatment, I always follow your breath and adjust my movements and rhythm accordingly.

It is recommended not to eat too heavy (or maybe nothing at all) 1-2 hours before the treatment. Please wear/or bring a loose fitting shirt where some oils stains do not matter (it can all be washed out).

A treatment session lasts for 90 minutes. I recommend several consecutive sessions for a sustainable progress, .

Chi Nei Tsang Graz
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